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Motor housing and luggage box

Motor housing and luggage box

Motor housing and luggage box




Moldes Barcelona s.a collaborates with Unicef ​​through this congratulation to guarantee the right of children from all over the world and offer them an opportunity in life

Visit of the students of the Higher Degree in Mechanical Manufacturing, specialty of Molds of the IES Manolo Hugué

 November 2017 Moldes Barcelona incorporates a new one-piece bridge-type vertical machining center and the base casting structure guarantee optimum precision, structural rigidity and load balancing. The reinforced work table brakes the vibration while increasing the stability of the machining. Maximum machining power.

VP Series   VP-2012 2017
X-axis travel 2,000 mm
Y-axis travel 1,200 mm
Z-axis travel 760 mm
Dist. from spindle nose 200~960(#50 gear spindle )*1 to table top
Distance between columns 1,300 mm
Table size ( X direction ) 2,000 mm
Table size ( Y direction ) 1,100 mm
Table load capacity 3,500 kg
Spindle power ( cont. / 30 min. ) 11 / 15 kW
Spindle speed Gear Spindle 6,000 rpm
Spindle taper BT50
X-axis rapid feed rate 24 m/min.
Y-axis rapid feed rate 24 m/min.
Z-axis rapid feed rate 20 m/min.
Cutting feed rate 12 m/min.

Tool magazine capacity 32 T ( Opt. 24 / 40 T )
Max. tool diameter Ø 125 / Ø 229 mm
/ adj. pocket empty  
Max. tool length ( from gauge line ) 350 mm
Max. tool weight 15 kg
Positioning accuracy ( JIS B 6338 ) ± 0.010 mm / Full Travel
Positioning accuracy ( VDI 3441 ) P ≤ 0.02 mm / Full Travel
Repeatability ( JIS B 6338 ) ± 0.003 mm
Repeatability ( VDI 3441 ) Ps ≤ 0.015 mm
Power requirement AC 220 ± 10 % 3 , 60 / 50 Hz / 40 kVA
Pneumatic pressure requirement ( min. ) 5 ~ 7 kg/cm²
Hydraulic unit tank capacity ( pump ) 120 liter ( 7.5 HP )
Lubrication oil tank capacity 4.5 liter
Coolant tank capacity ( pump ) 370 liter ( 1 HP )
Machine weight 16,000 kg

5 Axis machining center Axile G8 Buffalo machinery

Axile 5 Axis Machining Center Axial G8 Buffalo machinery capable of moving quickly and accurately, machining at high speed. 

The Toolmakers face the same problems: lower sales prices, higher costs and shortage of skilled labor. AXILE is a highly productive solution based on high-speed, 5-axis technologies. AXILE reduces cutting time with great energy and time savings. 

 AXILE's patented SMT technology helps achieve high levels of accuracy and by incorporating Industrie 4.0 technologies, reliability is updated and MTBF -Mean Time Before Failure is forecast - so that maintenance costs are minimized and time is avoided. inactivity.

  Machining Centre  5-axis Axile G8 - Buffalo machinery

Laser welding allows the repair, modification or maintenance of molds up to the welding of thermocouples, sensors, joining of parts, with maximum precision.
Full motorized welding arm with optical head with F120 focal length and 10x stereo-microscope. Fast selection / import of jobs through a color touch screen and with memory up to 250 parameters of welding.

Motorized X-Y Z axes:

X-axis travel 300 mm
Y-axis travel 150 mm
Z axis travel 500 mm

Z axis is directed through the Joystik


Moldes Barcelona having the right machines, with the right technologies specifically suited for high speed, hard milling of complex dies and molds enables you to compete with low-labor-cost countries   


For some of the most successful die/mold shops, Makino innovations in high-speed machining, technology transfer, applications, software and engineering services are key components to helping them compete and win in the new global market.

With Makino, die/mold shops are able to reduce cycle times and lead-times, lower labor costs through unattended machining processes, gain more business by offering rapid prototyping, high-performance milling and no-polish EDM burning, all while reducing total operating costs.

And with Makino’s exclusive Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.4) controls, die/mold shops are able to process long, complex mold programs at extremely fast speeds while achieving levels of accuracy and finish previously unobtainable.

In fact, the high-speed, high-accuracy SGI.4 can help reduce the high-definition 3-D milling of dies and molds by an average of 15 percent when compared to previous versions of this advanced technology. 

That can result in a reduction of some cycle times by as much as 30 percent.

Table Size 1000 x 500 mm
x 900 mm
Y 500 mm
Z 450 mm
Spindle RPM 20000
Rapid Traverse 19.990 mm / min
Cutting Feedrate 19.990 mm / min
Maximum Workpiece 1000 x 500 x 450 mm
Maximum Payload 650 kgs
ATC Capacity 30
Maximum Tool Length 300 mm
Maximum Tool Diameter 120 mm
Maximum Tool Weight 8 kgs


Students Group of Engineering Master 1 Institut Gramme à Liège (Belgium Liege ) made a guided visit to Moldes Barcelona on 23 March 2016 .

Moldes Barcelona has offered a visit with a full explanation of the production of a mold design and rheological study to final production .

Center 5-axis machining HERMLE C400U

VDI positioning and repeatability 0.008mm

It is the machine that provides better accuracy of all we compared, only 92% cast mineral quartz crystal, with excellent vibration damping 10 times less than steel, and low thermal conductivity 25 times less than steel.

It reduces vibration in all axes and contributes to the reduction of machining time.

Automatically compensates for changes in temperature and changes in the operation of the spindle speed to ensure the accuracy of machining.

Comprehensive Maintenance Monitor.

Laser measuring tool breakage, tool tip is cleaned with compressed air before measurement. Precision measurement system 0.0001mm

We can greatly improve the production, reducing the cost of tools and limiting the use of electro erosion, giving both better quality finishes, and allowing us to make more complex mechanisms. This will be a change in our entire production system, we can reduce the work of erosion by 25% and also greatly affect the productivity of machining.

Subsidized financing by CDTI Innovation Line



In 2014 Moldes barcelona  acquired a Agie Charmilles  Drill-11 machine high speed micro drills, is a new technology for us. The new machine allows drill small holes at high speed and great depth.

To improve the capacity of previous study in mold design.

Moldes Barcelona has acquired a license Moldex3D


  • Moldex3D Flow enables users to simulate the filling patterns of injection molding to help predict potential manufacturing problems, such as weld lines, air traps, short shots, sink marks, etc., and verify gate contribution for flow balance.
Example balanced filling to prevent overpressure
  • Moldex3D Pack incorporates the material compressibility (PVT changes) to fully simulate the density variation and melt flow behaviors during the packing process. It helps users precisely determine gate freeze time, efficient packing time and packing pressure, and warpage prediction to minimize high volumetric shrinkage.
  • Moldex3D Cool improves cooling system productivity and efficiency to optimize mold and cooling circuit designs and reduce cycle times, especially for complicated geometry parts simulation. Furthermore, the advanced transient cool feature is also supported to bring more accurate analyses for variotherm heating system, such as RHCM, and conformal cooling process simulation. Users can easily observe dynamic mold temperature and optimize cooling process.
  • Moldex3D Warp provides a reliable analysis capability to simulate the key issues of shrinkage and warpage behaviors, further controlling the blemishes of molded products.
  • Moldex3D MCM diversifies the development of plastic molded product. Its explicit analysis capabilities enable users to evaluate insert molding, overmolding and multi-shot sequential molding process, helps accurately observe interaction behaviors and minimize part warpage.
  • Moldex3D Designer, designers are able to verify and optimize design changes more effectively and more flexibly.
  • Moldex3D Viewer is a standalone and free tool that visualizes Moldex3D’s analysis results. It can generate reports automatically in HTML or PowerPoint format. With its extensive visualization capabilities, users can view pros and cons of all simulations and share identification with their teams, mold makers, engineers, executives, partners, and customers.
  • All Moldex3D 3D solvers support multi-core and multi-CPU parallel computing to greatly shorten simulation time. Parallel computing can be done locally at your desktop or remotely on a computing cluster.

Football Team "Moldes Barcelona" 2012-2013 season



On 13 November the visit, the company "MOLDES BARCELONA" located in Southeast Polinyà polygonthe Mayor and the Councillor for Economic Development of Polinyà

Enhanced machining stability. 
Improved finish uniformity (because there are no GAP variations).
Lance-free machining (liquid pumps), are used to avoid the effect of fluid on the machining (flushing), thus improving precision since machining is not deformed by the jet pressure.
Repeatable results
Courses: X1200 Y600 Z500 mm Workbench: 1300 x 800 mm - supports 6.000kg Working tank: 1780 x 1050 x 540 mm Max dist HeadPlane: 750 mm with C axis Tool Changer: 10 Tools EROWA C axis load: 250 kg 2012

HS400 ONA EDM: for parts of great weight and volume

ONA EDM HS400  is a machine high-speed and environmentally friendly

Is a fixed-bed machines, so that the weight of the piece rests directly on the machine frame.

Head design features optimized for work at high speeds. Pulse technology is high speed and allows for major advances in speed, accuracy and surface finish 

The CNC is to incorporate specific technology boards large work surfaces and grooves.

Integrates an expert system generator erosion by 100 percent performance without supervision.

The filter is fully automated without replaceable cartridge (green).

In particular, the H-S400 has some runs in X, Y and Z of 600 x 400 x 400 mm respectively. The maximum weight of the piece to accept is 1,500 kg and maximum electrode weight is 200 kg.

Improvement of the production system High speed EDM 2800X1600mm.

Every process, whether it involves rough-shaping or finishing, is carried out in 20-70% less time than with traditional EDM machines.

 The servo-system reacts in real-time to continuous operating variations and always maintains the distance between the electrode and the material under optimum conditions for spark operation. In addition, the precision situation and high speed prevents erosion errors, improves quality, together with reduced electrode wear.

The machine moves along all its axes at the same speed.

Because of its high-quality finish, this machine helps to save a large part of the mould polishing work.

It employs an ecological back-flow blower filter system and is also maintenance-free, with eroded-metal recovery and liquid dielectric in perfect conditions for recycling.

Software, which includes erosion parameters, performs the calculations taking into account the passed geometry and uses 3D CAD for erosion parameter pre-regulation, adapting to the geometry section.

The tank is retractable to facilitate both access and visibility.

The exceptional technological level, in machining electrical unloading, guarantees excellent performance with the possibility of executing the machining with zero wear.

It has the following advantages: 
Enhanced machining stability. 
Improved finish uniformity (because there are no GAP variations).
Lance-free machining (liquid pumps), are used to avoid the effect of fluid on the machining  (flushing), thus improving precision since machining is not deformed by the jet pressure.
Repeatable results

The result of all these advantages, combined in a machine of such dimensions, is a new technology and it is the first machine of its kind in Spain.

Industrie 2011 Lyon

Moldes Barcelona, will be present, in the Salon Industry 2011 Parc Eurexpo Lyon.

Stand 10V24BIS

Dates: Tuesday 05 au Friday April 8, 2011 Hours: 09h to 18h Night: Thursday 07 09h to 20h

 Parc Eurexpo Lyon - Avenue Louis Blériot 69680 Chassieu.

Moldes Barcelona in Lyon STIM 2009


Moldes Barcelona has extended its production surface to an adjacent facility and relocated existing machinery to install a 3,260mm x 1,600mm CNC BRIDGE Vertical Machining Center.

Now Moldes Barcelona can manufacture larger moulds than ever with greater speed and improved precision. 

This allows us to reduce delivery time to the customer.

Travel: X - 3,000mm, Y - 1,600 mm, Z - 760 mm. Bench dimensions: (X,Y) 3,260mm x 1,600mm. Maximum bench load: 10,000kg.

High speed workflow for all-in-one die casts to minimize errors. Ideal for medium and large mould-making.

This project was completed with collaboration from the Government of Catalonia's department of Innovation, Universities and Companies.   +34 937132162   link tuv sud moldes barcelona