Moldes Barcelona, S.A. is a mold building company that uses the latest technology in the manufacture of high-end molds.

The design of molds, their construction, as well as the subsequent assembly and testing are carried out with a completely local production.

The Moldes Barcelona market is international, with clients in Europe, America and Asia.

Molds Barcelona works mainly for the automotive sector, is a reference in molds of various bi-material technologies and in the realization of molds that require complex mechanisms and / or rheological calculations to improve the production of the client, here the experience and knowledge go from the hand.

This translates into advantages and opportunities for our customers, who know how to appreciate the quality and productivity of the most technically advanced molds.

The company seeks to be a collaborator close to the national or international client, offers innovation, honesty and teamwork.

Achievement of optimal quality parameters, both in design and production is guaranteed and ensured by the policy and procedures according to DIN EN ISO 9001 Certificate. 
Moldes Barcelona's aim is to meet the expectations and requirement of product and service quality of each one of our customers. On establishing our Quality System, we have standardized and applied the best work practices for all production areas. Our personnel participate and take part in the development of this principle. 

 We have obtained our Quality Certificate in the ISO 9001 standard for "Design, construction, modification and maintenance of serial and prototype moulds for thermoplastic injection and blowing, and light alloy die-casting".

Design and construction of:

  • Molds, for the injection of thermoplastics and light alloys.
  • Molds for blowing.
  • Prototype molds With production of parts if required.
  • Short series molds.
  • Prototype parts (Without the mold).
  • Modification of molds.
  • Repair of molds.
  • Injection mold tests and short series